Shower Steamers

Shower steamers are the perfect solution. They provide the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, but in half the time of a bath. Shower steamers are also great for clearing out your sinuses, detoxing and clarifying your skin, and re-creating the spa experience at home Aromatherapy shower steamers are tablets that dissolve in the shower. In the process, they release a fragrance from essential oils. A person may simply enjoy their aroma or use them for health reasons
Not suitable for use during pregnancy
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How to use shower steamers
To use a shower steamer, simply place one tablet at the foot of your shower in a stream of water. As the tablet gets wet it dissolves and releases essential oils into the hot shower steam. Breathe deeply and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils. You can expect the tablet to last approximately 3-5 minutes if it's in a direct stream of water.

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OMG just got round to using my luxury shower steamer (soul serenity). What a wonderful product not only does it smell wonderful when in the shower I can still smell it on me now I’m dressed. Also the upstairs smells wonderful. It’s a winner for anyone who wants to chill and smell nice ( who doesn’t)