Wax Melts

Our wax melts are available In over 70 stunning scents, these are the perfect way to fragrance you’re home quickly for many hours from a single cube.

One of the many reasons people choose wax melts is the convenience of being able to start and stop a burn to fit around there life style as well as the flexibility to chop and change your scents to suit your mood.

The wax does not evaporate it simply melts and gradually releases the scent as it burns.

Once the scent has gone simply pop out the wax and replace with your new chosen scent.

If you find your chosen scent out of stock, simply click the heart and add to your wish list. Just check back soon.

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4 x Cubes        Total weight is approx. 65 grams

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The house smells amazing!

Italian Neroli has become the favourite in my house- a touch of citrus & spice. Long- lasting too The whole house smells amazing


Absolutely gorgeous!

They last so long and smell absolutely fantastic! Would 100% recommend to someone who loves their room/home smelling lovely all the time



Wax melts are amazing and last for ages


Wow! Rouge!

The Rouge wax melts smell divine! They are strong and fill the room and travels throughout the house, such a lovely scent I am obsessed. Definitely recommend!


Scent smells amazing

I lit this wax melt a couple of times in my electric burner and the smell was amazing. Instantly smells like fresh black cherries and is a mouthwateringly satisfying scent.


A must have!!

I absolutely Love these Soy Wax Melts. The scent throw that comes from them are amazing!! I only used half a cube of one and got a 14hr burn from it. Fantastic value for money.



These melts don't only come in a great range of scents but the scent throw from them is absolutely fantastic and they last 8to20 hrs depending on the scent.. I highly recommend this product x